27.07.23 The Clerk

Clerk’s Notes July 2023

Mark The Clerk

Mark The Clerk

This edition of Clerk’s Notes is a bit shorter than normal because it has been written at the desk of Room 7 of the Hawse Inn at South Queensferry looking out over the Forth Rail Bridge that spans the Firth of Forth. It is the beginning of day three of the Coachmakers’ Orkney Run and so far, so good. Full details of the adventure will appear in the next edition.

Company news

The Election Court and Installation Dinner for the new Master and the Court and Committees for the ensuing year will take place at Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on Friday 1st September. Limited places remain available, follow this link to book your seats.

Looking ahead to the Livery Year for 2023-2024, the following main Livery events will take place:

Election Court and Installation Dinner – 1st September 2023
Tallow Chandlers’ Hall

Aerospace Industry Dinner – 16th November 2023
Vintners’ Hall

Award to Industry Dinner – 18th January 2024
Armourers Hall (tbc)

Automotive Industry Dinner – 21st March 2024
Carpenters’ Hall

Banquet – 17th May 2024

Summer Dinner – 11th July 2024
Saddlers’ Hall

More details will appear in the Coachmakers’ website Events page soon.

City news

GSWD Treasures of Gold and Silver Wyre – 30th September-12th November

In order to mark the 400th anniversary of the award of the Company’s first, though short lived, Royal Charter in 1623, the Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers will holding an exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery. More than 200 rare and beautiful items made of gold and silver wire sourced from royalty, the arts, military, ecclesiastical, and civil sources as well as stunning modern creations. It will be open to the public from 30th September to 12th November, 10.30am-4pm daily.
Ticket information: £10 (£7 concessions) via Guildhall Art Gallery.

Exhibition catalogue: Available for £12. Private tours and group bookings: Available upon request. Please contact Dr Karen Watts: karen.watts33@gmail.com. See flyer attached.

LSO City Livery Concert at the Barbican on Sunday 8th October 2023 – save the date

The annual LSO City Livery Concert will take place on 8th October. Follow this link for details.

Mayoralty and Shrievalty – 2023 Aldermanic Appraisal Process

Following the meeting of the Nominations Committee of the Court of Aldermen which took place on 11th July 2023, please find attached a letter outlining the decisions taken at that meeting in relation to the Court of Aldermen’s position on those who will be supported for progression to the Shrievalty and Mayoralty over the next several years. This information is available on the City Livery Committee website. Follow this link for details.

Shrieval Chain Appeal

We congratulate Alderwoman Dame Sue Langley and Alderman Bronek Masojada on their election as the next Sheriffs of the City of London. Many friends and colleagues of Dame Sue and Bronek have expressed the wish to follow the happy custom of presenting the Sheriffs-Elect with their chain and badge of office therefore the secretaries of their shrieval campaigns invite citizens, companies, colleagues and friends to donate to the Shrieval Chain appeals. The appeals, with all information relating to donations, can be found here:

Alderwoman Dame Sue Langley

Alderman Bronek Masojada

And finally…

Should anyone have a child, grandchild or a friend of the same who is expressing interest in becoming involved in the computer games industry, you may wish to point them in the direction of this YouTube video. It is quite lengthy at three hours but it offers a unique insight into what goes into building computer generated images and sound to create an immersive and believable experience. The presenters are some of the world’s leading exponents of their craft and anyone who is looking to forge a career in this particular £multi-billion industry will find it useful. I have no interest in computer games per se but I must declare a personal interest in the content of this video presentation, however I’ll leave you to work out why.