09.07.21 The Clerk

Clerk’s notes July 2021

Mark The Clerk

Mark The Clerk

One of my big books of nautical nonsense tells me that on 9th July 1912, Parliamentarians led by Prime Minister Asquith and First Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill, inspected the fleet at Spithead.

As reported by the Evening Post on 11th July, displays included “aeroplanists engaged in scouting, and two hydro-aeroplanists discovered and reported by wireless the presence of submarines”. However, the Times hit the nail on the head when it reported in its 10th July edition that: “The hydro- aeroplane is just the kind of machine suited to the aptitude of our seamen”.

80 years later I was trying to imbibe some of that “seaman aptitude” into a student Lynx helicopter crew as we conducted a winching exercise on what was known as R3 Hard at RNAS Portland. If I recall correctly the aptitude had not aged well. 85 years after the Times’s admiring description of one of the earliest naval aircraft I stepped out of what was as close to a “hydro-aeroplane” as was operated at the time, a Westland Anti-Submarine Sea King, and signed it back in for the last time as the captain of the aircraft before hanging up my front line flying helmet. Aptitude expended.

Today, 110 years after the early “hydro-aeroplanists” were “discovering and reporting submarines by wireless”, HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH is deployed operating some of the most sophisticated naval aircraft in the world; and the word is that the 21st century aptitude is back in form. I wonder what the Parliamentarians of 1912 would think of that?

Livery Events

With bated breath we now await confirmation that most, if not all Covid restrictions will be lifted on 19th July 2021 and we can reacquaint ourselves with what it is like to commit livery fellowship.

You will be aware that on 22nd July there is a Coachmakers’ visit to the Heritage Skills Academy Bicester and there are still some tickets available here: https://www.coachmakers.co.uk/event/coachmakers-visit-to-the-heritage-skills-academy-bicester/

However, I am also now planning the annual Coachmakers’ Election Court and Dinner that will happen as it has done for so many years previously (except last year of course) at Tallow Chandlers’ Hall on Wednesday 1st September 2021. Again members of the wider Livery membership will be invited to join members of the Court for the annual Changing of the Guard but places are restricted (owing to the size of the venue) so booking early is strongly advised.

Keep an eye on the Events page for details of this event and many others planned for the next Livery Year; and keep an eye on your email inbox for the advert and booking form for the Election Court and Dinner which I hope to send out very shortly.

Shrieval Election

Following the Common Hall Election of Sheriffs on 24th June 2021, Alderman Alison Gowman and Alderman Nicholas Lyons were formally elected to the office of Sheriff; the edited recording of the event is now available to view on the Livery Committee website via this link:

How to become the non-Aldermanic Sheriff of the City of London

Having now watched the video of the Shrieval Election you might be wondering: “so how can I do that?” Look no further than this link and it will tell you how to start the journey to become the non-Aldermanic Sheriff.

QEST Applications for funding opening soon

Once again I have been reminded of the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) awards scholarship and apprenticeship funding of up to £18,000 to talented and aspiring craftspeople working in a broad range of traditional and contemporary skills. This ranges from, but is not limited to, farriery and thatching to jewellery design, glassblowing and millinery. The next application round is open 12th July – 16th August 2021 and they are looking for more talented applicants – would you be able to help them find worthy recipients of this available funding support?

Since it was founded in 1990, QEST has awarded more than £5million to 625 individuals working in over 130 different crafts. It defines craft broadly and welcomes applications from all areas including rural skills, contemporary craft, conservation, luthiery and much more. A directory of all its alumni can be seen on the website, along with more details on how to apply – www.qest.org.uk. There are two application rounds each year – in January and July.

Interested makers can attend a Zoom ‘How To’ session to find out more about the application process and for helpful tips on filling out the application forms. These sessions will take place as follows:

How to apply for a QEST Scholarship
• Thursday 15th July, 4-5pm. Register here.
• Wednesday 4th August, 4-5pm. Register here.

How to apply for a QEST Apprenticeship
• Tuesday 20th July, 4-5pm. Register here.

I have been asked to help spread the word and encourage quality applications. If you know of someone who might qualify and benefit from this opportunity please pass on these details.

Air Engineering Technician Danielle Peakman

Air Engineering Technician Danielle Peakman

International Women in Engineering Day 2021 – 23rd June 2021

To mark International Women in Engineering Day 2021, the Commando Helicopter Force sent me this article about one of their own:

Air Engineering Technician Danielle Peakman joined the Royal Navy in June 2017. After completing her basic training at HMS Raleigh, this was followed by trade training at HMS Sultan. Joining RNAS Yeovilton to complete her training on the Merlin MK4 she now serves on the frontline with 845 Naval Air Squadron (NAS). AET Peakman deployed with 845 NAS on HMS Queen Elizabeth on Exercise Westlant 19, the carrier’s maiden voyage to the east coast of the US, and has served in the Caribbean and Norway working on the Commando Merlin in extreme weather conditions.

Something a little different but strangely familiar

As you will know, St James’ Garlickhythe is the Coachmakers’ church in the City, barely two minutes’ walk from Tallow Chandlers’ Hall. During the pandemic the church administrator, Johanne Moss, has been compiling and distributing a newsletter to the parishioners of St James. As the Coachmakers’ Company is featured I thought you might like to see the latest edition – please click here.

As the Master mentioned in her video, Johanne Moss has been chosen to receive a Lord Mayor’s COVID19 Livery Award.  The Lord Mayor’s Awards were intended to recognise individuals in the Livery who have made an outstanding contribution, particularly through voluntary or charitable activity, during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Lord Mayor was grateful to the Coachmakers’ Company for submitting the nomination and sent her his warm congratulations.

In summary

This is the penultimate Coachlines for the current Livery Year, a year like no other in living memory. It has been more than a little strange, but I want to close by thanking everyone who reads Coachlines and everyone who has made a contribution to it during the pandemic. More importantly however, I want to thank Ann Neilson of Immediate Network Limited who puts it all together. Her patience is limitless and without her Coachlines would simply not happen. Thank you, Ann.

The Assistant Clerk and I will be taking leave from 26th July to 16th August. We won’t be travelling beyond these shores but in amongst the carbon based material management that is required after a ridiculously verdant growing season, we have planned to take a couple of days out on a motorbike. And in exchange I’ve had to agree to squeeze into the Assistant’s space limited MGA . The things one does for love.

Have a great summer.