Coachlines - February 2022

24.02.22 The Clerk

Clerk’s Notes – February 2022

You will be aware of the fate that befell Ukraine in the summer of 1941 shortly after Hitler ordered the invasion of the USSR. It is difficult to watch the events unfolding in every news bulletin and not feel depressed that the same is now happening from the opposite direction. Where it will end only time will tell.

However, although barely 1,500 miles from London, like most modern conflicts in the world, it is easy to think of it as happening somewhere else and in the short term at least, not likely to have a direct effect upon the cycle of the Livery Year as the City emerges from the pandemic.  Whether that remains the case, again only time will tell.  Nevertheless, for now I ask you to spare a thought for Rost Braharnyk, a Ukrainian who has lived and worked in London for several years and who has a wife and young family who live with him in London. Rost’s parents and extended family on the other hand still live in Ukraine, and most of them live within 50km of the Russian Border.

Rost is the Under Beadle of the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers, a position he has held for many years. He is friendly, helpful and enthusiastic and has on so many occasions provided exemplary support to me in the preparation of the many events that we hold in TC Hall, and he has always been such a welcoming face to those attending the events as he goes about his duties on the night.

It is feared that the unfolding events in Ukraine may have far reaching consequences for the world as a whole; let us hope that may not be the case. However, I exchanged emails with Rost today and I can tell you that whatever happens, for at least one young family in London it is already a cause of great pain and anguish. Please spare a thought for Rost Braharnyk and his family.

Future Coachmaker events

Automotive Industry Dinner 2022

Following the successful Award to Industry Dinner in January, the next major Coachmakers’ event to be held as we emerge from the pandemic will be the Automotive Industry Dinner at Carpenters’ Hall on 24th March 2022; the guest speaker will be Linda Jackson, Brand CEO of Peugeot. If you have not yet booked your seats at the table, there is some space available, please book here.

Annual Banquet 2022

Looking further ahead, the Coachmakers’ Banquet will be held on 8th June at the Guildhall and all seats are currently sold with a reserve list now being run. More details can be found elsewhere in this edition.

Livery Committee events

You will have noticed that there is a constant stream of extra-curricular events being arranged by the Livery Committee, news of which is announced almost monthly. These are proving to be extremely popular and are selling out within the space of a few hours. To take full advantage of the opportunities as they arise please keep an eye on your inbox for future adverts and if something appeals to you do not delay, book as soon as you have read the details.

City News

Alderman and Sheriff Alison Gowman shares the following news.

Events in the City

The annual United Guilds Service will be held once again after an absence of more than two years, on 1st April 2022, commencing at 10.30. The first such event was held at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1941 as the City emerged from the worst of the Blitz to bring together all Liverymen and members of other City organisations in a service of thanksgiving. This year’s event is likely to be especially poignant given the events of the past two years. Each Company is allocated reserved seating in the Nave; the Coachmakers Company is allocated one row of nine seats reserved for the Master, Clerk and Wardens and four other Liverymen, with a further 12 tickets allocated for the unreserved seating area.

The Masters, Upper Wardens, Bailiffs, Clerks and Wardens of all 110 Livery Companies attend dressed in their gowns and badges with the Lord Mayor and Civic Party and the Clergy of St Pauls’ all dressed in their finest ceremonial garb. The cathedral is always full and it is a spectacular occasion. Beyond the Master, Clerk and Wardens, the available tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis and the tickets are free of charge.

Following the event, lunch will be available at Tallow Chandlers’ Hall at the cost of £66 pp inc vat. Should you wish to take part please contact the Clerk as soon as possible.

The Lord Mayor’s Platinum Jubilee Big Curry Lunch will be held this year on 7th April 2022. This event is held annually to raise funds specifically for the various armed forces charities. Everyone is invited to join in (at a cost) and should you wish to take part full details can be found here.

To download a donation and sponsorship form, please click here.

Other City news

The Company of Entrepreneurs is running a major prize for start-ups called “EASI” (the Entrepreneurs’ Award in Social Innovation). It is a £10,000 prize, together with a huge package of support services, to help an innovative enterprise to grow and implement a product/service to tackle a social or environmental challenge.

If you know of an early-stage business (or other entity) that might qualify, please encourage them to apply using the straightforward form at

The closing date for EASI 2022 is 31st March.

The Livery Climate Action Group’s next seminar is entitled “Young Voices on Climate Change” and will be held online on Monday 28th February 2022 at 6pm. Details on how to register for the event are on its website, please click here.

If you want to hear more about the Livery Climate Action Group, sign up or just provide feedback then contact the group by email here.

And finally

In conclusion, 13th March 2022 will mark the first anniversary of the passing of Murray Walker OBE. You will recall that I made mention last year of my great admiration for the man and regaled you with an anecdote about one of my short but memorable encounters with him.

A few months ago the motoring author Maurice Hamilton, a scribe known to many of you, published a book called Murray Walker – Incredible! – A tribute to a Formula 1 Legend. It is a book filled with anecdotes from the man himself and from a wide variety of others who knew and worked with him over the years. A few unsubtle hints in the run-up to Christmas ensured that a copy found its way into my Christmas stocking.

Rather than read it in one sitting, which would have been easy for me to do, I consciously decided to ration myself to one or two chapters at a time. Some of the stories I’d already heard or read about elsewhere, but there was a great deal of the material that was new to me and the perspectives offered by many of the contributors painted a much broader picture of Murray than I’d picked up previously. As Sir Jackie Stewart is quoted as saying, “Murray Walker was a very special man in every respect”.

But then of course you all knew that. What you don’t know is that every time I put the book down I quickly realised that as I closed the pages I found myself chuckling about what I’d just read, with a smile that stayed with me for some time.

If you’ve not yet read it I strongly recommend that you get a copy now; it is the perfect antidote to the news.