Coachlines - February 2020

04.02.20 Asst Sarah Holt and Hon Asst John Blauth

Charity at the Coachmakers

The Livery has conducted a full review of our charitable activities with a view to raising the profile of what we do, adding focus and vision, and developing our charitable work in a significant and meaningful way, consistent with our position as a London Livery Company. As Coachmakers, our affiliated industries of coachmaking and coach harness making, automotive and aerospace design, engineering and manufacture are at the heart of what we seek to support. In keeping with the traditions of a London Livery Company, we aim to support disadvantaged young people and communities within London and our affiliated military units.

Today, facing the challenges of global warming and climate change, in the automotive and aerospace industries it is increasingly important to find a solution to these challenges. The demand for local, national and international travel is not going to disappear, and it is up to the designers and engineers in our industries to pioneer the new technologies that address these issues as we seek to protect the future of the planet. Our industries have never been more relevant, and we are keen to play a part and provide support where we can.

Our aim is to make a real contribution to feed the demand for creative, qualified and ambitious young people that our industries in the UK need today and will need tomorrow. We support outreach programmes for young people at school, to help them realise their aspirations in the pursuit of STEM careers. We have relationships with Kingston University’s Saturday Club and the Imperial College Schools’ Outreach programme. We provide help through support and facilitation of relevant education including bursaries at City and Kingston Universities, and we seek to extend bursaries to other institutions. In our active programme is a scholarship to help an aerospace technician realise further technical qualifications; and an annual award to a promising young automotive design student. We support apprenticeships in both industries, and in historic car restoration.

In our supported craft of coachmaking we offer apprenticeships and national awards in support of this trade and the young people who wish to work in it.

The review is ongoing and we continue to work on new projects and initiatives. If you would like to get involved or make a donation, please contact the Chairman of the Charity Committee, Sarah Holt at