Coachlines - December 2018

19.12.18 Hon Asst John Blauth

Careers advice for budding engineers

The Coachmaker Aerotron Engineering Career Guide, which we published in the summer has received more exposure than we could have expected.

Ali Taylor, Secretary to the Charity Committee, has sent digital and print versions to schools, universities and colleges from Scotland to the south coast and in between, to share with students and teachers alike. Many of our award winners, past and present, have been active ambassadors and have shared it around their own networks as well.

It also went to City and engineering institutions, from Mansion House to EngineeringUK as well as IMechE and the Royal Aeronautical Society.
Your call to action is simply this: every Liveryman who has students in their immediate or wider circles of friends and family are urged to send this link <> to those young people.

Why? Because the vast majority know not where to turn, in a practical way, to get aboard the engineering career ladder. Happily for them we Coachmakers, with the generous help of Aerotron, have published the perfect guide for them to use for their quest.