09.08.18 Sharon Pink

Brownies aim for the skies with new Girlguiding aviation badge

All Coachmakers will be delighted to hear that the Brownies has launched an aviation badge as part of a wide-ranging campaign to encourage more girls to train as pilots. Launched in conjunction with EasyJet, this new badge is part of a series that includes some key areas where girls are generally under-represented, including archaeology, space and inventing.

The Aviation badge is being offered following the results from Girlguiding’s Girls’ Attitudes Survey which found that piloting was one of the ‘dream jobs’ named by girls between the ages of 7-10, whereas out here in the real world only about 4% of pilots are female.

To earn this new badge, tasks for participating Brownies include testing their engineering skills and creating their own aircraft experiments with different building materials, structures and launch techniques.

We would love to show our support for this excellent initiative which will undoubtedly serve to develop more of our future Coachmakers! If you have daughters or grand-daughters who are working towards the new Aviation badge, do let us know and we will be pleased to feature their stories and achievements. You will find more information about the Brownies’ initiative here https://www.girlguiding.org.uk/what-we-do/our-stories-and-news/news/easyjet-and-girlguiding-to-get-girls-flying-with-new-aviation-badge-for-brownies/