28.07.22 The Master Sarah Sillars OBE

August Master’s Message

Hello and welcome to my last Master’s Message.

It goes without saying, that we as a Livery have been blessed to have enjoyed such an engaging, rewarding, progressive and productive year. It has been full of fellowship, fun and charitable activity as well as the regular business of maintaining and progressing the excellent work of our Committees. We also now have four principle Aiming Points, that will act as a guide for the next few years.

As we started the new Livery year last September, life was just returning to some semblance of normality. I could only dream that we would have a full calendar. I got my wish. Over the year I have had more than 160 diary entries. These have encompassed visits to affiliated units, companies, meetings, social events, award ceremonies, launch events and dinners. All this followed the biggest disruption to our everyday lives, impacting each and everyone of us due to the pandemic. The theme for the year “Past, Present and Future” under the umbrella of an “Active Livery Investing in Young People” served us well through this period.

The year has seen two major fundraising events. In September we had the fundraising at The Goodwood Revival, courtesy of the IPM and our tribute Banquet at The Guildhall was held in June. How wonderful that we, as a Livery, have raised nearly £90,000 between the two events. I am delighted to confirm a fundraising committee has now been formed and that Steve Fitzgerald, Junior Warden will Chair this from 1st September 2022. We have ambitious fundraising targets for the future, to include funds for our 350th anniversary, where from a charity perspective we want to support more than 350 young people. Over the next few months we will be in touch as to how you can help.

This month I would like the photo montage to convey to the wider Livery just a small flavour of our recent activity. Big smiles can be seen on the faces of those newly Sworn and Clothed on HQS Wellington in July. The membership committee have done a very good job in engaging new people into the Livery this year. I am sure we will all make them feel very welcome and I know some are already ear marked for Committee membership!

It has been an absolute privilege to serve as Master for 2021-2022. My unconditional thanks go to the Wardens, all Committee Chairs and committee members, my two Consorts, my husband John and great friend Adrian Smith and most importantly to the Clerk and Assistant Clerk who have guided and supported me every step of the way.

As I prepare, subject to election, to hand over to Senior Warden, Julian Leach, a holiday beckons from 2nd September. Julian has a huge amount to offer the Livery and it has been a pleasure to work alongside him. To every Liveryman who has in some way made the year a success, thank you. It’s your Livery and I urge everyone to participate as much as you can. There are some wonderful events planned to run alongside all the Charity and Communications work, so I hope to see many of you next year too.

Thank you for affording me the honour.

Sarah Sillars OBE
Master Coachmaker 2021- 2022