Armed Forces

The Coachmakers is fortunate to be affiliated with all three services comprising Her Majesty’s Armed Forces.

We maintain strong and active links with the Royal Navy through HMS BULWARK, with the Army through the Royal Dragoon Guards and with the Royal Air Force through RAF Brize Norton and with the Commando Helicopter Force.

As a Livery we are keen to support ‘our’ units and each Master will, where possible, visit each and indeed we have been fortunate to be invited to sample life on board HMS BULWARK, visit the RDG on exercise, spend time with the Commando Helicopter Force and Liverymen have been privileged to witness air-to-air refuelling at first-hand on a flight from Brize Norton in an RAF tanker.

Members of our services are also regular guests to Livery dinners and we are always pleased to see them.