16.05.20 Lieutenant Andy Sinclair RN

An update from HMS BULWARK

Lieutenant Andy Sinclair RN, the Deputy Senior Naval Officer and Weapon Engineering Head of Department of HMS BULWARK, has sent us the following update on the ship’s progress through her current refit.

HMS BULWARK had been making steady progress toward the completion of phase one of the Optimised Support Period (OSP) – a five-year capability upgrade. April would have signalled completion of some significant overhaul and upgrade activities prior to preparing to dock down the ship for phase 2.

Unfortunately the unforeseen and universal threat from COVID-19 struck. The MoD has been quick to act, prioritising Defence activity and providing direction to command teams. The impact to the OSP programme is significant but the ship, MoD and industry remain confident that these can be absorbed in the longer term; we proceed in close partnership to adapt the OSP as defence priorities permit. The ship’s company remains safe, upbeat and responsive to the unique measures we have implemented to sustain the platform in readiness for challenging times ahead.