Coachlines - December 2020

03.12.20 The Clerk

The Alternative Lord Mayor’s Show – a virtual celebration

The Alternative Lord Mayor’s Show held on Saturday the 14th of November was a virtual event via Zoom, joined by our fellow Livery Companies the Wheelwrights, Tin Plate Workers and Pattenmakers, all of which have celebrated their 350th anniversaries this year.

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor William Russell also joined us for a morning of inspirational talks and presentations on what should have been a day spent marching through the rain soaked streets of London. If you want to see what happened follow this link.

Towards the latter part of the production is a short video produced by Fairbourne Carriages, keen supporters of the Coachmakers Company. In it Duncan Wood explains how he and his brother and their team restored the Lord Mayor’s Coach over two years in 2017 and 2018. If you want to focus on this bit only it’s here:



Also during the event Tom Carroll, the Coachmakers’ and Wheelwrights’ jointly sponsored Apprentice, entertained us with a presentation about his final apprentice piece. The Timber Nib that he produced is a scaled down version of a traditional horse-drawn wheeled vehicle used to move logs in the forest. For the full effect, take time to read Tom’s portfolio supporting this final project piece here, it is truly inspirational.