The Coachmaker Aerotron Scholarship

Application for The Coachmaker Aerotron Scholarship

The Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and Coach Harness Makers of London, in partnership with Aerotron Ltd, seeks applications from suitably experienced and motivated aircraft technicians and mechanics for a scholarship of up to £7,000 towards the cost of obtaining an EASA or UK Part 66 B1 or B2 aircraft maintenance licence for fixed wing, rotary wing or other aircraft type. This is a prestigious award, made once per year, and competition is keen. Candidates will therefore be required to meet certain strict criteria and to complete the attached application form in a professional manner.

Candidates must be permanently resident in the UK, ideally below the age of 35, and in permanent employment in the UK with a UK approved Part 145 maintenance organisation. The application must be recommended and supported by their employer, who must also declare that the candidate will be allowed appropriate time to complete the required studies and examinations.

Candidates are responsible for selecting, applying for and purchasing a Part 66 course. The scholarship will be equally divided by the number of course modules and paid directly to the training provider in stages commensurate with the modules being undertaken for the duration of the course to subsidise course fees. Should the winner withdraw from or be removed from the course for any reason, scholarship payments to the training provider will cease at the point of cessation of study.

The application may be made either prior to acceptance on a Part 66 course, or after the Part 66 course has commenced. The successful applicant will be expected to provide proof of course enrolment before the first scholarship instalment will be paid to the chosen training provider.

Candidates should complete the application form as fully as possible. Selected candidates will subsequently be short-listed for interview based on the quality and substance of their written applications. Those called forward for interview will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of and discuss:

  1. Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence structure and pre-requisites.
  2. Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence experience requirements.
  3. Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence study and examination options.
  4. Their own career plan and goals, and their perceived benefit from the award.
  5. Their own study plan, including where and how they intend to study and sit examinations.
  6. The provision of funds from their own sources in addition to the scholarship.
  7. The support to be offered by their current employer.

Furthermore, those selected for interview will be required to bring the following documents for inspection by the Coachmakers’ Aerospace Awards Committee:

  1. A current passport or driving licence for photo identification.
  2. A company ID card.
  3. Certificates of academic qualifications.
  4. Proof of a UK address.
  5. One personal reference from an aeronautical professional person (in addition to the employer’s reference and statement of support on the application form).
  6. Proof of acceptance by a Part 147 College.

Applications for this award open on the 1st September 2023 and close at midnight on the 29th February 2024. Selection interviews are expected to be held during late March or early April.

Candidates should complete the online application form here.

Any question or queries may be addressed by email to the Aerospace Awards Committee Chairman, Steward Neil Sheath MRAeS.