30.10.23 Steward Neil Sheath

Adventures of an aerospace award winner and the tale of the Tiger Moth

Congratulations to Milan Stojsavljevic who passed his Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Skills Test in September, and completed his training to become a qualified pilot.

Milan won the Coachmakers’ De Havilland Award for the Livery year 2018 to 2019, which helped him start his flying and engineering career. Milan has fitted in flying training in the Tiger Moth around his career in the Royal Air Force and the scholarship made the opportunity possible.

Milan is the first student to gain his PPL since the Cambridge Flying Group started operating out of its new base at the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden this year and he represents another great success for the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers and the Aerospace Awards.

Milan commented: “It has been a dream flying the Tiger Moth for all of my PPL training and this was all made possible thanks to the Coachmakers. They have helped by financially supporting me with the training costs and have enabled me to kick start my flying adventure. My interest in vintage aircraft all started back when I used to work at Duxford, ground crewing for vintage aircraft. I also managed to get some hands-on experience with the engineering and maintenance of the aircraft which helped to develop and grow my aviation interest even more. Back then, I never dreamt I would ever be flying the Tiger, let alone doing my training in one.

“It has been a real privilege flying the Tiger and the scholarship has opened up a whole new world to me. A year after winning the bursary, I joined the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Avionics Technician. I have found the knowledge which I have built up from flying has greatly supported my understanding when it comes to aircraft engineering.

“I am excited to see where this flying journey will take me. Right now I’m excited to take friends and family up to show them how fun the Tiger is! Thank you again to all of the Coachmakers.”

Cambridge Flying Group openly acknowledges that the De Havilland Scholarship has attracted a cadre of young people which has been critical in sustaining the operations of the Group, preserving heritage skills, and investing in the skills of associated young people, both professional and personal.