Coachlines - July 2022

28.07.22 The Clerk

A visit to the Royal Mews and tea at The Goring

Pictured above: The Diamond Jubilee Coach

On Monday 27th June, several Coachmakers and their guests had the privilege of taking part in a private tour of the Royal Mews courtesy of the Crown Equerry, Colonel Toby Browne CVO, a Coachmaker of this Company. The visit was followed by a Champagne tea in a little place just round the corner from the Mews called The Goring.

Learning about how the Royal coaches and carriages are used

As you will know, the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace is responsible for all road travel arrangements for Her Majesty The Queen and members of the Royal Family, from horse-and-carriage to car, and from livery to harness. It is a real working stables in the heart of London, steeped in royal history and home to the iconic 260-year-old Gold State Coach. Built in 1762 to transport the nation’s kings and queens, the Gold State Coach was designed by William Chambers and made by the coachmaker Samuel Butler, who went on to become Master of this Company in 1768.

The Mews is also filled with a variety of other vehicles, both horse drawn and motor powered, and during the visit, the members of the party were able to see the stables, meet some of the Queen’s horses fresh from their duties at Royal Ascot the week before, and speak to some of the staff on site who care for them. Behind the public tour route, the Coachmakers present were able to visit the workshops and speak to some of those who maintain the various coaches, carriages and harnesses that make up the Royal Collection; and before departing the group were shown the indoor riding arena which is still used to conduct some of the training of the horses and their riders.

As a significant rain shower exhausted itself over Buckingham Palace and the surrounding area the Coachmakers headed off to The Goring for a Champagne tea. Indeed, a large glass of Bollinger, fresh sandwiches and a variety of delicious cakes require no additional description to highlight the delight experienced during the second phase of this event, and as you will see in the photos taken, this was definitely a popular element of the visit.

The only disappointment of the day was that the Master and her Consort Primus were unable to join the party having succumbed to Covid but they have since made a full recovery. Nevertheless, it was an excellent experience and our thanks go to Colonel Toby and all his team at the Mews for making the Coachmakers Company feel so welcome.

Tea time at the Goring