Coachlines - March 2018

28.03.18 Past Master The Hon. Michael Callaghan

A new life for Motorvations

For several years the Coachmakers Charitable Trust has been helping Motorvations, an organisation in Romford which assists young people who have educational problems by engaging them in motor vehicle workshop and other activities. Last year Motorvations experienced severe financial strains as cuts in schools’ budgets meant fewer young people needing help were being referred. Liquidators were finally appointed in January this year.

Motorvations helps provide young people with hands on skills

However, this was not to be the end of the good work Motorvations has been doing. The facilities and staff have been ‘taken over’ by the independent Hopewell School in Dagenham and the new provision will be known as Motorvations at Hopewell. Hopewell School is designed to help children and young people struggling with a variety of learning difficulties. The school had been using Motorvations to supplement its own teaching and facilities in the past two years. Motorvations also will continue to be available to young people who are not from Hopewell School.
Chris Lee MBE, the long-term leader of Motorvations, and who will continue as an advisor said: “I am very pleased to have been able to secure the future of the work we are doing. One of my roles will be to keep our relationship with the Coachmakers on-going as this has been important to the profile and success we have seen over the years.”