21.12.20 Hon Assistant Lesley Upham, Chair Communications Committee

A few facts about Coachlines – year-end round-up

It has been quite a year for Coachlines. Morphing during lockdown from a monthly company update to a fortnightly digest of news and stories helping to keep the Coachmaker community connected and informed.

To date we have produced 140 articles, including the Master’s Message and Clerk’s Notes. The latter also contained additional links and articles too numerous to count. The Communications Committee would like to thank all those contributors who took the time to source stories or write articles themselves. Or, as in the case of Assistant Mark Broadbent, took to the silver screen with his fascinating look behind the scenes of Fenix Carriages. With all your help we have covered a multitude of topics of interest to our readers.

For those of you who like a few facts and figures, our readership numbers have remained stable throughout the year. Outperforming the industry average for this type of publication.


Coachmakers tend to be eager to open their latest edition of Coachlines, with most having read the articles within an hour of them landing in their inbox.

This year, our readership is spread throughout the world and log on whether on holiday, on business or living outside the UK.

The Communications Committee wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to you sharing your stories in a more normal New Year!